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1. an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.
  • tinylibrary

    A completely free, open source, lightweight E-book reader. Now available on the App Store.

  • Obfuscate

    An iOS application that protects your online messages by encrypting it with AES-256. Now available on the App Store

  • Nullify

    Need to clean your mac's keyboard? Nullify suppresses all keyboard events and keystrokes.

  • Amorphous 3D

    Hack and slash your way through a hive of gelatinous gloops and unlock a plethora of achievements! Available on most platforms.

  • PhantomMouse

    Duplicate your cursor with this extraordinary app! Available on macOS.

  • Tesseract macOS

    Tesseract macOS lets you explore OCR using a version of Tesseract that is imported into Objective C and Xcode for macOS (OSX) software development.

New Zealand Sheep Myth?

Does New Zealand really have 20 sheep for every person? Find out in this post.

Yes, They Can All Succeed

Implementation of Standards-Based Assessments in the United States for Primary and Secondary School Students

Physics Fight in Shrewsbury

My experience in the IYPT tournament

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