A collection of some projects I've made

Research & Development

Collect, analyze, and train a machine learning model on 2D gesture data. Use it to predict gesture types.

The Enhance button, a common trope used in many sci-fi or crime-solving dramas, brought to reality.


Wave your wand around in Virtual Reality to cast spells! Fend off waves of unique enemies homing in on your position.

Absolutely minimalist. Explore a pitch-black void sprinkled with tiny stars.

Hack and slash your way through a hive of gelatinous gloops and unlock a plethora of achievements! Available on most platforms.

Explore an endless pixel-art galaxy full of challenges and surprises. Roguelike game-style.

Tools & Applications

A completely free, open source, lightweight E-book reader.
Now available on the App Store.

Need to clean your MacBook keyboard? Nullify suppresses all keyboard events and keystrokes.
This a macOS application.

This is a tool used for repetitive typing tasks. It is currently offered in Mac form.

Uses force touch to determine the force applied to the screen. It is currently only offered in iOS form for private use (requires iPhone7 and above).

An iOS application that protects your online messages by encrypting it with AES-256.
Now available on the App Store.

Duplicate your cursor with this extraordinary app! Only available for Mac users.

A freehand sketch app! It is currently only offered in iOS form for private use.

Quickly drain your iPhone's battery! This will also warm you up. It is currently only offered in iOS form for private use.


A simple computer Operating System that supports virtual memory, scheduling, system calls, file systems, terminal commands, interrupts and exceptions.